Give your mobile business a competitive edge with a hand-held system that really works. Whether your workers are delivery drivers, field service engineers or 'road warrior' representatives, ReDeTrack will help you manage their activities and keep your customers up to date with their progress within seconds.

Track and Trace for Couriers
Track and Trace for Couriers

With ReDeTrack, you can capture orders, schedule deliveries, capture up-to-the-minute delivery information, including track and trace and proof of delivery using PDAs. Work is automatically downloaded to the PDAs, even when the drivers are out on a run, and collections and deliveries are reported on the web.

Your drivers and depot operatives use their handheld computers to scan package label bar codes and record signatures when collections and deliveries are made and the data they collect is automatically transmitted to your website.

Your customers use their shipment tracking console to see what stage of the delivery process a package has reached and when. Relevant details are collected at every stage, like the date and time, the driver's name, the location and the recipient's name and signature for proof of delivery (POD).

Location Tracking and SatNav
Location Tracking and SatNav

ReDeTrack allows live location tracking and satellite navigation.

Use a terminal with built-in GPS or add a separate GPS receiver and ReDeTrack will provide up to the minute location data. Use the interactive web-based map to view current or past locations. You can choose to see everyone on the same map, follow one unit as it moves or see a historic time-lapse replay.

The integrated satellite navigation option will guide your operator to the next job with a single click - no need to type in address details by hand.

Field Service, Security and Cleaning Services

Job lists are automatically downloaded to your engineers' device and their progress through the work is monitored every step of the way. They can view a list of jobs and view details of each, such as date, time, address and notes.

As each job is completed it is removed from the list and its completion details are simultaneously uploaded to the reporting server while the engineer moves on to the next job.

If your workers are working to a planned schedule rather than individual work orders (such as a secuirty patrol or cleaning round) they simply record their attendance at each point by scanning a QR code or NFC tag.

Their app provides 'man down', gps tracking and exception reporting as standard. 

Field Service, Security and Cleaning Services
Android and iPhone

We support multiple mobile platforms, whatever suits your operation: use a rugged hand-held PDA running Windows Mobile where you need a device than can withstand a bit of rough handling or a smartphone running Android or iOS if you want something slick and quick. The smartphone option is great for the smaller, leaner courier operation - especially if you have owner-drivers. You don't even have to set up your driver's phone - he or she can do it.

Once your mobile workforce have their mobile device with ReDeTrack installed, you can take control. Add driver user accounts and allocate them work and they will be able to log in using their mobile and start delivering. 

Android and iPhone
iBeacons and NFC

We can now read data from NFC tags (contactless) or iBeacon. The NFC option allows users to scan a package or location tag by touching it with a suitable smartphone running our app. With iBeacon we can register that a worker has entered a locality - such as a room or a building - or that a certain asset or piece of plant or equipment is in the local area.

These tags are currently in use in security partol operations monitored by ReDeTrack. 

Serious Vehicle Tracking
ReDeTrack includes mobile device GPS tracking as standard. For a small extra cost we can provide you with vehicle tracking too. Working in conjuction with Simple Solutions we can supply enfora vehicle trackers that are fully integrated with your ReDeTrack system. These clever devices plug directly into toy vehicles OBDII port - possible in the glovebox. Once its in place you can forget about it until you need it.
Android and iPhone Now Supported
Now you can reduce your setup costs and increase your flexibility using our Android or iPhone versions. We'll set your cloud based system up in a matter of hours and you can be up and running as soon as you have downloaded the app. If you get your mobile on a contract, you will get your data bundle too, so the only extra cost is your ReDeTrack license. And because your mobile probably has GPS and SatNav as starndard, you get to track your drivers and they can get directions too.