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About iSware and ReDeTrack

iSware is a UK based company that provides consulting and software services to businesses with a mobile element to their operations.

About Centrex

Through their in-house logistics, warehousing and repair workshop functions, Centrex provide IT equipment maintenance services to many well known companies throughout the UK.

The Challenge

At the core of the Centrex mission is the commitment to providing high value, lean, responsive maintenance services to their clients in order to allow them to get on with their own business with the minimum impact due to any system or equipment failures. They designed and built their resources and processes around this premise and the capability to deliver on this commitment was quickly made ready for the market. Their IT systems, however, were not up to the standard of quality required to meet the demands of these high-performance business processes. Like many of us, Centrex acquired off-the-shelf systems and platforms and stitched them together with human-driven processes, poorly executed system integrations and paperbased systems. The IT infrastructure was the weak link in their business and they knew it. That's why they came to iSware.

The Approach

It was quickly realised that a special IT supplier would be needed to fix this. iSware are specialists in delivery tracking systems and business process analysis. With their help, Centrex identified a three-part plan. Firstly, ReDeTrack would be deployed in the customer-facing engineering sector of the Centrex service. With ReDeTrack, they were able to arrange site visits and pass instructions to the on site engineers, as well as capture actions undertaken in real time. The second stage of the plan was to work closely with iSware to enhance the capabilities of ReDeTrack to include stock management functions, which were rolled out into the warehouse, with stock levels being automatically updated by actions in the field. The third step was to further enhance the system to allow it to be used to manage activity in the repair workshop and in this way to complete the management of entire business process cycle within one single system.


With ReDeTrack in place, Centrex now have a complete solution for the management of their entire process. Efficiency is up, error rates are down, and more importantly, their clients receive a service of unprecedented quality and value.


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