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The complete solution for any delivery company

With ReDeTrack, you can capture orders, utilise stock, schedule deliveries, capture up-to-the-minute delivery information, including track and trace and proof of delivery using PDAs.

How does it work?

Orders are entered using one of our highly configurable ordering screens or via an import from a remote system.

Stock can be used to fulfill the orders as items are picked.

Work is automatically downloaded to the PDAs, even when the drivers are out on a run, and collections and deliveries are reported on the web.

Your drivers and depot operatives use their handheld computers/mobile phones to scan package label bar codes and record signatures when collections and deliveries are made and the data they collect is automatically transmitted to your website. Their live positions can be optionally shown on a map. 

Your customers use their shipment tracking console to see what stage of the delivery process a package has reached and when. Relevant details are collected at every stage, like the date and time, the driver's name, the location and the recipient's name and signature for proof of delivery (POD).

All information can be reported on and tracked in real time. 

How does it work?


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