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The solution for procedure or issue management

Using the latest web abilities, RDT Flow is a set of tools that guide you through the creation of procedures and the execution of those procedures in a graphical and ergonomic way. Giving the right job to the right person at the right time.



How does it work?

Your procedure creators can simply drag and drop actions, to create dynamic and responsive procedures. They create dependencies, triggers, forms, data and loops to control and manage your procedures. 

These procedures can then be instantiated into "Flow's" either as a triggered action from an external event, or by a use

Your workers are given actions to perform and the data they need to perform those actions. 

At the same time your managers can monitor and even modify currently running Flows, allowing you to cope with the unexpected. Live diagrammatic views show you bottlenecks as they occur and inform you who and what is being waited on.

Metrics can be viewed at many levels, from high level graphs for management, to action by action audits, allowing you to hone your procedures.


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