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The complete solution for security teams of any size

ReDeTrack handles every aspect of your security team, from the creation of security routes to monitoring and managing live issues.


How does it work?

Security routes can be created and guards assigned to them, locations can be optionally tagged with QR codes/iBeacons or NFC tags enabling proof of performance. GPS can also be used for outdoor/larger routes.

Your security experts then traverse the route, noting on the app where they visit and any comments or alerts arising from that information. These can then trigger emails/SMS messages/any RDT functionalty (such as an RDT Flow) or even alerts to other systems. 

The PDA software is aware of movement; if it detects your security personal not moving for a set time a "Man Down" event that can trigger any of the above actions is created.

All of the routes/events are monitorable in both a live view and via reporting.


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